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Moving to a new home? If you want quality furniture in Lebanon, OH, turn to Coomer Furniture, Inc. We offer a wide selection of home furnishing products like tables and beds, among others. Whether you are into classic contemporary or eclectic furniture, we are the shop to visit.

Fixtures for a Perfect Home

Besides choosing the right furniture, it is also important that you get fixtures to improve the overall look of your home. Choose from a wide array of lamps, which are perfect mood-setters for any space. You can also get clocks to complement the interior design of your space. With the right fixtures, you can have a perfect home you can be proud of.

Get the Right Furniture and Fixtures

Your home is like a work of art. It is composed of various elements that should go well together to create a more harmonious appeal. Choose your furniture and fixtures well and come up with a unifying look for your home. For an impressive selection of dining tables, sofas, and more, call us at
(513) 932-2111 or visit our showroom.

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